12 Days of Muppets

It's been a while.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and Hanukkah and I'm sure there were other important events that transpired since my last blog; so I hope those were good, too!

I actually have several blogs that I have been meaning to post, but just like George Lucas adding more pixels to his Star Wars saga, I keep going back and tweaking things, prolonging the actual posting of said blogs. In an attempt to assure my internet friends that I am still alive, I decided to dig up one of my previous Christmas-themed projects and post that for, hopefully, an entirely new audience. This proved to be more trouble than I anticipated since my Flickr account had exceeded 200 photos and apparently once you reach 200 on a free account, your older photos dissapear from your photostream.

Twenty-five dollars later and I am the proud owner of a "pro" account. I guess since I am a pro now, that I will need to start charging for my pics. I'll set up a Paypal donation button later, but for now, please enjoy the 12 Days of Muppets as told by the Palisades Muppets action figures.

A Gigli joke? This holds up about as well as some of the actual Muppet movie references.

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  1. Awesome! I'm glad that you're back! That was definitely amusing. :)