Gummy Face Returns

If you thought the Halloween Blogstravaganza was over, then you're dead wrong (and a little too presumptuous.)

If I had it my way, Halloween would be observed seven days later on November 7th. Not only would this allow for an extra week of celebrating, but it would also encourage more generosity as far as candy is concerned. At full price, you get one "fun size" Snickers, but if that same candy is on sale for 75% off, suddenly every house is pouring bite sized morsels into trick-or-treat bags as they prompt kids to "say when!"

It's something to think about.

Speaking of thinking - who remembers the Gummy Face from Walmart I wrote about way back in mid-September? I wasn't willing to pony up the $5 Walmart was asking for at the time, but now that everything in black and orange packaging only costs one-forth of what it originally sold for, I can't help myself!

This is how most people know the Gummy Face - safely hidden behind a layer of protective plastic. Before today, this was all I knew of the Gummy Face as well, but that has all changed. Follow me on my journey to center of the gummy earth as we dissect and devour the squishy knowledge within.

From this angle, our Gummy Face bears a striking resemblance to Jeff Dunham's Walter puppet. Mmm mmm!

Upon opening the Gummy Face, I had to peel away the actual gummy from the skull shaped plastic piece below. The skull was a nice surprise, I honestly didn't expect to find anything below the face. Without the skull to hold its shape, the Gummy Face instantly deflates. Also its eyes pop out. Yum!

Now let's face it (*wink*), you aren't waiting in the checkout line with the Gummy Face in one hand and a Baby Ruth in the other, trying to decide which you would rather eat on the car ride home. The Gummy Face is a novelty first and a candy forty-second, but it is technically edible, so this blog would feel incomplete if I didn't sample some face.

I did eat it, but before I could get anywhere near it, I had to liberate the face from its plastic prison. The smell emitted upon opening the package is best described as fruity. Not like real fruit, obviously - not even like Fruit Snacks - more like a "fruit" scented air freshener you could find at a dollar store. A real dollar store though, where everything actually costs a dollar, not a bait and switch Family Dollar where everything is "at least" a dollar.

I didn't want to eat too much of it, partly because all I had to eat so far that day would be this face and partly because I decided to take a picture of myself wearing it before I tried eating it. I bit off a chunk of the nose. It wasn't terrible. It wasn't good, either, but I wouldn't say it's the worst candy I've ever had. The texture was rubbery, uninviting, but not disgusting. The flavor was much like the fake fruity scent, but not immediately recognizable beyond the generic gummy taste.

This is a rather terrorizing photo, I realize. I contemplated excluding it, but I figured if anyone read all the way to the bottom of the blog, the least they deserved was a photo of someone wearing a giant gummy pancake face.

I actually think I look a lot like Michael Meyers here. Stay groovy, baby!


  1. I think you look more like Leatherface! I bought a few Halloween things at 75% off(Friday). And even a reversible vampire cape at 90% off(only cost me $1.00, on Sunday).

  2. yeah i'm only two weeks late commenting on this one, but best post ever.