Orange Snowballs

This is a Publix snowball. It is orange - for Halloween. Probably.

I know it looked more like a cheese ball in that first photo, but hopefully this shot will convince you that it is indeed a ball of frosting with a tiny cake center. I don't know if they have Publix grocery stores outside of Florida, but I know they don't have them up north where you can find actual snowballs. Stores only found in certain regions are interesting to me. We didn't have Target stores in New England for most of my life. If you can even call that living.

I feel ashamed even calling this a Halloween blog, so here's a sneak peek at a legit Halloween activity. The final product won't be ready for a few days still, but bonus points to anyone who can guess what we're doing.


  1. Your either making apple cider, or making a Shrunken Apple Head. But you could be preparing candy apples or making peeled apples for bobbing.

  2. that snowball is ridiculous. is that a single serving or is it cake sized?

  3. Jason, one of your guesses is correct. But which one? (muhahaha)

    Pizza, that is a single serving of snowball.