Skycoaster & The World of Yesterday

I spent my Saturday night checking out the classic car Cruise at Old Town in Kissimmee, Florida. There’s plenty to say about Old Town, but today’s blog is far more concerned with the adjoining Fun Spot amusement park and its big stupid rides.

What looks like the world’s tallest goal post is actually a ride where you (not me, you) are suspended from a cable and slowly dragged backwards by your feet until you are parallel with the apex of the structure. You are then released and swung majestically and horrifyingly down and back up the other side.

This type of ride is officially known as a Skycoaster, but I prefer to call it the Superman Simulator. Fun Spot might be wary of potential lawsuits from such a moniker, but it didn’t stop them from painting Spider-Man with breasts on the side of their kiddie rollercoaster.

This particular Skycoaster is the tallest in the world (at least the tallest listed on Wikipedia) at 300-feet. If the height doesn’t scare you away, the cost might. If you want to experience the Skycoaster, you will have to pony up 40 bucks for your first flight. There’s a discounted rate for returning riders as well as package deals where you can purchase a video recording of your descent and a t-shirt that says something to the effect of ‘I survived the Skycoaster and all I got was this lousy t-shirt’.

Despite the exorbitant cost and insanity involved in allowing carnie folk to swing you back and forth over a lake, suspended 300 feet in the air, there never seems to be a lack of willing participants. I, however, will not be providing a first hand account of the Skycoaster.

See the full sized versions of these photos as well as more from Fun Spot and Old Town on my Flickr page.

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